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Fruit of the Spirit

  • LOVE - Christ-like feelings, thoughts, and actions, which come from the influence of the Holy Spirit.
  • JOY - Vibrant confidence, assurance, and hope in life that celebrates the good experiences and perseveres during the bad experiences.
  • PEACE - A sense of well-being and wholeness, which includes the ability to face difficult times with confidence in God's sovereignty.
  • PATIENCE - The ability to cope with difficult situations, without being reactionary, allowing time for Christ-like responses to develop.
  • KINDNESS - Behavior that honors, respects, and seeks to understand others by relating and communicating in ways that build relationships and affirm care.
  • GOODNESS - A positive approach to life that does not dwell upon the bad and negative experiences in life, but learns from them and affirms that which is good.
  • FAITHFULNESS - An attempt to live and relate in a reliable and trustworthy way so that others may know the value of integrity.
  • GENTLENESS - A demeanor of humility with the willingness to be taught and molded by God.
  • SELF-CONTROL - An inner strength to see through erroneous approaches to life without succumbing to temptation, while staying focused upon God and God's will.
  • Dr. Mike McKinney, Pastor

    November 2012 - Galatians 5:22-23