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about us

What we believe


We subscribe to the doctrinal statement of the 1963 Baptist Faith and Message. We celebrate the ordinances of Baptism and the Lord's Supper. We affirm our Baptist heritage by supporting:

  • The inspiration and authority of Scripture in all matters (Bible freedom)
  • Salvation by grace through faith, not by works (soul freedom, competency of the soul)
  • The priesthood of all believers (soul freedom)
  • Believers Baptism by immersion
  • The separation of church and state (church freedom)
  • The freedom of religion (religious freedom)
  • The autonomy of the local church (church freedom)

  • We seek to serve Christ as a church that:
  • Believes all Christians are ministers
  • Celebrates the diversity of all believers in the service of Christ
  • Affirms the generational, cultural, socio-economic, and other differences in people
  • Affirms the ministry of women and men in all capacities of Christian leadership
  • Identifies and incorporates the spiritual gifts and talents of members
  • Strives to cooperate in ministry and missions with a variety of Christian groups in ways that do not compromise our faith and beliefs